Sina heads up our creative design team. Every season, she works together with her team to design a new and versatile collection of trousers. Their task is to unite the latest TRENDS with QUALITY, TARGET GROUP and MARKET IDENTITY , as well as DIVERSITY and PRICE. You can read about the whole process here – from the initial idea to the finished it-piece.

First impressions & trends

Let’s get going! The team picks up on new trends early by watching fashion shows from the great fashion cities, such as Berlin, Milan and Paris. Thanks to Anna Wintour and co., we can soon find these trends in the pages of much-loved magazines like VOGUE & Instyle. “Right now we’re starting to see the beginning of a shift in commercial silhouettes. They’re getting wider and wider! We’ve had enough of skinny profiles and are now looking for something new. Something else”, said Sina, adding that she also draws inspiration from contemporary art and the street style found in the fashion metropolises. These impressions are then combined on large mood boards to form coherent themes. And the new collection has its first image.

Fabrics & prints

Now its time for our designers to visit many various fabric fairs. Here, the entire fashion industry comes together to discover the latest fabric innovations, trend colours and prints, and also it’s at these trade fairs that the team makes its first firm decisions about the collection. This is a fantastically creative time for our team: “We give our ideas free rein, trying out a lot of different approaches and creating the first it-pieces in our minds.”  The first decisions are made. Thanks to our in-house sample sewing shop, the team is always present during the creation of the first prototypes, perfecting them as they go. “We constantly work to develop new things instead of simply copying existing ideas. Like our individual prints, which we develop in-house. This is a unique selling point of our brand”,  says Sina proudly. Cuts then it comes to our cuts, Sina and her team skilfully combine the latest trends with an understanding of fit based on decades of experience. The seam direction, pocket positions and leg and foot width are all essential for achieving a perfect result. To then develop this result in line with current fashion trends requires real creativity.

Details & features

Details are the icing on the cake. It’s these that make our trousers absolute highlights. A few basic rules apply, of course: for jeans, all components such as rivets, buttons and embroidery should have an authentic & “rough” look, while for business trousers they should look classy, understated and high-quality. “We need a great deal of patience and attention to detail to make the right choice and not get lost in all the possibilities, so to speak.” The finished trousers And so it is that an initial idea gradually becomes a finished it-piece. It might sound simple, but we know that in reality the process is probably a little more complicated and extensive. Our design team takes pride in every finished piece – a piece that is sure to bring you, our customer, much joy.

One final statement:

“Think about how many pairs of trousers you have in your wardrobe. It’s sure to be a lot. Now ask yourself which of them fit perfectly and are also super stylish – and the list will get a lot shorter. We want to change this! That’s what keeps us motivated to work day after day to design beautiful collections for you. And to make you, our client, happy.”

Your ROSNER design team