"We know who we are and what we do, so we do just that: we design pants."

Over time, the name of our founder Rudolf Rosner has become a brand name that stands for the highest quality, an ideal fit and a fashionable look. Even if fashion is all about change and not every change leads directly to the goal, Rosner's focus on the essentials is a constant source of strength; one that is enriched by our love for detail and is on display in each new set of our trouser collections.


Founded in 1967 by Rudolf Rosner. Fashionable women's trousers for decades. We know our strengths. We change with the times. Rosner consistently demonstrates this in its seasonal collections.


Rosner designs casual, trendy collections with high standards of quality and perfect fits for the fashionable, adult end consumer. Our goal is to return Rosner to its previous strength of developing avant-garde trousers. A clear message, recognizability and reliability are indispensable to this aim. The overall orientation of the collection is oriented towards a fashionable female end consumer of 35 plus.


The fashion industry thrives on alterations, trends, colours, silhouettes and looks that are subject to constant change. Our everyday moves at a rapid pace. This makes consistency particularly important in the fashion industry. Rosner maintains consistency by acting responsibly towards employees, trade partners, producers and end consumers. Working successfully with these four parties gives the brand reliable core strength.


Without exception, Rosner's collections are geared to the wishes and requirements of end consumers. For us, social responsibility also means ensuring careful and sustainable production processes and conditions.