"We know who we are and what we are good at, so we do just that: we design trousers."

We have done this since 1967. And since that time, the ROSNER brand has stood for TREND, FIT and QUALITY! This is proven once again by the new collection, which was created with a great love for detail and under the motto “Special trousers for special women”.

Thea Altmann X ROSNER
For the first time, Rosner is collaborating with a contemporary artist for the Spring/Summer 2023 season to reflect on the interplay between fashion and art and to give selected works an expanded attention in a different context. “After intensive research and conversations with various artists, we decided to collaborate with Bonn-based painter Thea Altmann because we were immediately won over by her impressive sense of colour, her feminine, poetic style and the timeless modernity of her paintings,” comments Rosner Managing Director Oliver Keeb. Thea Altmann provided seven very different works for the shoot of the new collection and also refined two pairs of jeans with exclusive designs that she worked on in her studio with leisure, time and freedom. #theaaltmann @theaaltmann

You can of course find the new trendy collection here – in the ROSNER onlineshop.