Our design and development team is constantly working to make our denim dyeings, washes and effects as environmentally friendly as possible. Together with the production sites, they are also looking for environmentally friendly solutions on site.

Sustainability and responsibility are very closely linked with the people involved in the production of our clothing. The manufacturing of our brands takes place in Europe (95%), but in the Far East we also pay close attention to compliance with the ILO * and also do a lot for secure and fair jobs. Here you can see one of our productions in Vietnam. DBW (Deutsche BekleidungsWerke) was built in 2016 by our parent company, Royal Spirit Group LTD Hong Kong. This production facility is equipped with the most modern social and hygiene rooms as well as with air conditioning. The high-tech production park, a solar system and its own water treatment plant make DBW a model company - not least in terms of protecting the environment. So it is not surprise that the company is a favored employer.


So we check the compliance with the strict legal requirements by regular visits to our production sites.



* International Labor Organization: compliance with international social standards.