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Trousers / SKINNY

The ROSNER silhouettes range from skinny, slim and straight leg to relaxed. Although wide trousers are once more on the rise, we don't want to do without our popular, figure-hugging skinny trousers.

The mid waist Antonia model by ROSNER skilfully flatters any figure and makes the legs look longer – without ever constricting them. The bestseller pants Audrey from ROSNER impresses with its innovative seams and limitless combination options. The high waist is ultra-fashionable and visually elongates the figure. A little padding on your stomach? No problem! Audrey’s shaping effect places every figure in the best light and never constricts. The fresh colour palette are very versatile in combination with current spring trends. Audrey: an absolute all-round talent! Your new skinny trousers are best styled with casual tops such as a hoodie or an over-sized blouse.